News is a Buisness

Apocalypse means “uncovering”. It can also mean “exposing”. Lately a lot of our institutions have been exposed, not least the media. Project Veritas has an interesting sting video of a CNN producer talking about the Trump/Russia scandal: “I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” Bonifield says. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof.” He confirms […]

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Steady progress.

After two Fridays at 192 today I weighed in at 189 bringing my average loss back to the mean of about 1.5lbs / week. Keeping to that rate has meant creeping my daily caloric intake down to about 1600 (from 1800), but it has been painless, just snacking a little less. I have also been […]

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Another Sign of the Apocalypse

I am sure you have heard the story about the 15 year old boy who is heroically smoking the competition in girls’ track and field by claiming to be a girl. He has not undergone any surgery or hormonal replacement, nor, to my knowledge, has he even switched his x for a y chromosome, though I might be wrong […]

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Friday Weigh-In

I now weigh 193 lbs, down from 207 in March, and about 8 lbs away from my initial goal of 185. I say “initial goal” because I suspect I really need to get between 180 and 175 (at least) in order to be lean. It is important. For my long-term health, you see. Ha! Who am I kidding, this is my […]

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Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

Rod Dreher recounts a story in which SJW students are threatening a biology professor because – get this – he does not agree with them that white students should be banished from campus for a day. The nerve, right? The campus administrators of course don’t dare discipline the SJWs and police are telling the professor and his supporters […]

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Friday Updates

I weighed in today at 195.0, down from 196.0, so the trend continues in the right direction but it has been slowing for the last few weeks. My goal of 185 by the end of June looks increasingly unlikely, at this rate I will be at about 190 by then. That is OK, the last thing I want to […]

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