Spring Concert Season

Besides the fact that the world as we know it is ending, it is spring concert season. I am sure that you are vaguely aware that you can attend inexpensive concerts pretty much any weekend of the year, even now, during the First Spring of the Apocalypse.

And yet even though you know it is spring concert season, you never go see any. It seems like a nice idea in theory, just not in practice.

All sorts of half formed objections float around in your mind: what if you spend the money and then not enjoy the concert? What if it isn’t your kind of music? What if it isn’t your kind of crowd? Will it involve driving to an unfamiliar town? What if I feel out of place? How should I dress? Will there be convenient parking? What if I miss my precious TV show?

Listen, it is the Apocalypse. This is not the time for thinking. This is however a good time to catch a concert.

My tentative Spring Concert plans:

Next weekend a nearby college will preform (for free!) some pieces by Scottish Composer John Macmillan.

On Friday March 24th the local community chorus will preform Beethoven’s Mass in C Major. I will use my student ID (comes in handy) to get a ticket for a mere $17.50.

In early April I will hear some friends sing a pieces by living American composers. Tickets will be about $15 (even though I’m friends, yes, still gotta pay.) I know very few living American classical music composers, so it will be an education.

That is three great experiences for about $30. For live music I prefer classical, but you know as well as I that you can hear great live music of any genera in probably a dozen venues within a relatively short drive.

So go do it. Don’t wait, because the world is ending even as you read.







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