Healthy Living For the End Times

Just because the world as we know it is ending does not mean that we shouldn’t take care of ourselves. Yes, man’s days are grass and all that, but if we are to enjoy the time we have it helps to be in shape. The Apocalyptic Age can be stressful, so it is a good time to cultivate both mental and physical health.

You cultivate mental health by avoiding bullshit and cultivating what is really worth your emotional energy. You cultivate physical health by avoiding what makes you unhealthy and cultivating what makes you healthy.

Cultivation means adopting habits and working for long-term goals. Everyone has his or her private health goals: it might be the ability to run a five-minute mile, or being able to play all day with the grand-kids, or to join the 300lb bench-press club.

For my goals I have a clear mental image: I go to the beach, take off my shirt, and impress women. Is it realistic? No! All the exercise in world will not fix my face. But it sure is motivating! I usually imagine the face of a girl who once shot me down when she realizes “Crap, I wish I had taken him up on his offer, look at that torso!” and I’m like, “Shyeah right, I’m so out of your league.”

The mental image is something like this

Like I said… motivation, not realism.

Here are my max sets for this week:

  • Bench press: 175 x 8
  • Squat: 235 x 5 (This was really low for some reason, two weeks ago was 240 x 8.)
  • Press: 105 x 8

By late fall I’d like these to be:

  • Bench: 225 x 5.
  • Squat: 300 x 5
  • Press: 150 x 5

Those goals imply a lot of effort, but I don’t think they are unreasonable.

As for the hill sprints, I can’t quite do one (I live on a steep hill). By the end of April I’d like to be doing 5-8, which again is a stretch goal, but also reasonable since cardiovascular endurance is easier to build than strength.

This is going to be a weekly post, both to keep me honest and to keep you motivated to eliminate the garbage that is keeping you from enjoying these end times. Now is the time to start!



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