Stop Watching TV

Imagine the world was coming to an end. What would you want to do with the time you had left?

Watch TV? Only if you are some kind of moron.

A generation ago people were embarrassed by how much TV they watched. They disparaged it as “the boob tube”, not because of the copious mammary glands bouncing all over late-night cable, but because “boob” used to mean “idiot” and TVs were made out of cathode ray tubes, hence “boob tube”. People often lied about how much they watched TV, claiming to watch just an hour a day, when it was more like two or three. They would make resolutions to watch less, and often failed.

Nowadays people are proud of watching TV. In fact, they take pride in their good taste in TV shows. They believe that correct TV makes them smarter or more virtuous without having to go through the trouble of learning or doing good deeds.

Have you hugged your TV today?

One blogger comments on how TV worship has been influencing politics:

The Hill– an alleged newspaper allegedly covering Congress as its niche beat — will literally pump out the same Seth Meyers clip 10 times in a day, just to make sure that its very informed audience didn’t miss Seth Meyers’ latest ejaculations.

I barely ever see them promoting a story about, you know, Congress….

Even our alleged intellectual genius of a former president never, and I mean never, talked about books. What he talked about was ESPN’s Sports Center, his brackets, Homeland and Game of Thrones…

Why read a book about a subject, or even an actual newspaper article, when I can just listen to John Oliver repeat the headline and then make a sillyface?

People being proud of watching TV is a sign that we are indeed living in the End Times. My advice: if you can’t stop watching TV, at least lie about it and claim you don’t watch any.



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