Spring Workout Program

Time again for the weekly workout post, where I expound on the all the ways we can take advantage of the impending apocalypse to get into better shape.

Here are my weight maxes for last week:

Bench press: 185 x 8

Squat: 250 x 5

Press: 115 x 7

Once again, not impressive numbers but they do represent constant improvement on my part, even if my squat continues to disappoint – I really feel like I should be hitting 7 – 8 reps at that weight.

In addition to those three basic exercises I also make sure to do push-ups, chin-ups and dips.

Back in February I made the resolution to start doing hill sprints as soon as the snow melted…

Spring in Massachusetts

… still waiting.

I chose hill sprints because I hate running and figured that would be the best way to get the benefits of running without having to actually do it that much. I also live on a steep hill, so I wouldn’t have to do more than go outside. I had been hoping to be a hill-sprinting badass by the end of April, but the snow isn’t going to be going anywhere for another week or so.

That also delays another hoped-for benefit of sprinting: my pants all have a 34″ waist, but after quitting smoking last fall I’ve eaten myself into something closer to a 36″ waist. Being a cheapskate I’ll be damned before I buy new pants.

You know what? I’m pathetic. Look at me, living in the End of Days and worried about snow. Why can’t I run in the snow? Afraid that I, hearty son of New England, would feel a little chilly? Didn’t half of my boyhood consist precisely of running around in snow? Sleds don’t make it up hills by themselves! Didn’t Julius Caesar run in the snow to harden his will and strike fear into the hearts of the barbarians? Didn’t Rocky run in the snow to beat Ivan Drago?

Ugh. Maybe later in the week.


I did it! Yesterday I made good time getting home from work and did not have to rush off to school, so I got changed and ran up the big hill near my apartment.

Made it halfway up before almost collapsing!

I figure if I can get out 12 to 15 more times before the end of April I should be a decent amateur hill-sprinter.





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