Another Sign of the Apocalyspe

Purdue University’s new Professor of Engineering and Social Justice:

One of the biggest sources of sexism and homophobia is lodged in the epistemology of science. How we think, and what we think, matter in determining what we know and don’t know, and affects our workplace interactions in very negative ways. We think that we eliminate bias by keeping our “personal lives” – some aspects of ourselves – out of the lab, classroom, or office. But actually this is how we allow implicit bias to seep in and saturate everything we do, because that which is male, straight, white, able-bodied, monied, is not left behind in the practice of science and engineering – it is just so normative that lots of us don’t notice.

Now, you might be surprised how much I, a Straight White Western Male Shitlord, agree with her. The scientific vision of the world pretends to be neutral about values, but it isn’t really. Its faux neutrality is certainly open to criticism. It is just so normative we don’t notice.

We can also criticize capitalism and free trade, I am a critic of how capitalism tears up land, communities, and morals to make a buck. The problem is we are only aware of capitalism and free trade the way a fish is aware that water is wet. Capitalism and free trade give you your Starbucks coffee and Apple computer. Capitalism and free trade have dragged half of humanity out of poverty in a mere 20 years.

We can criticize Christian civilization in all its flaws, but once again we are aware of Christian civilization the way a fish is aware of water. It is only as Christian civilization retreats that we start to become aware that what we imagined was the cause of all the awfulness was in fact restraining it.

When we stop doing science and engineering and start doing genderqueer science and engineering, we will lose our capacity to, you know, build stuff. We will lose our capacity to sustain the civilization we inherited.

And that is how we know the End is Near.


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