Five days of a high fat diet.

When I laid out my diet plan I imagined that my caloric intake would drop from about 2000 calories a day to about 1800 by eliminating high-carbohydrate meals, only to find that I am now hungry all the time so I snack more, bumping my caloric intake to about 2300 a day. According to the University of Google, excess hunger is a normal reaction when the body is trying to get out of the habit of burning glucose and into the habit of burning fat. It is supposed to pass in a week or two.

On the other hand, I no longer get sleepy after lunch, I think because there is not enough glucose in me to trigger a peak and trough in my blood sugar. I also seem to be sleeping better at night, maybe because I’m not dozing off as much in the afternoon.

Here are the magic numbers: so far I’ve consumed an average of 2300 calories a day, a theoretical surplus of about 300. 75% of my calories were from fat, 22% from protein, and 3% from carbs. My official weigh-in will be on Monday, I doubt there will be any significant variation. A change of 1 or 2 pounds in any direction will not be noteworthy, but a change of 3 or 4 might.

If I am going to lose some of this fat I need a caloric deficit. My portions at dinner are still huge. Thursday night I ate a pound of steak; delicious, but not really necessary, I could have gone with half that. Crunching the numbers it also looks like I could also reduce my hunger and calories if I ate a little more for breakfast and lunch, and then skipped mid-morning and afternoon snacks. New plan: no snacks, two slightly bigger meals, one much smaller.


As for the weights: my top set in the press was 110 x 6, but I think I accidentally did an extra set of 110 x 5 right before it, which would explain why I only got 6 when I had been planning on 8 or 9. I just lost track of where I was.

Bench press top set was a respectable (for me) 180 x 9.

I also conquered a little goal I never quite managed all last month: 3 sets of 5 dips with a 25 lb plate tied to my waist, which is pretty cool. Next week I’ll add a couple more pounds.

But in spite of that I have the feeling that April is the last month of easy progress and I will have to reset in May. I’ll know more by the end of the month.

As for sprinting: it has been raining hard all week, and I’ve been so hungry, so I haven’t gone once.

Update! Today was the weigh-in: down to 205 from 207. It is not a statistically significant change – I might just be dehydrated or something. If I am, say, 203 next Monday, then I can presume the diet is having some kind of effect. My goal is probably somewhere around 185 or 190 assuming I don’t lose muscle mass, which would be tragic.



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