Friday Health Report

I’ve decided to switch my weigh-in from Mondays to Fridays because it is easier to track my eating habits from Saturday to Friday instead of Monday to Sunday.

Today I weighed 203 lbs, two less than I did on Monday. Other than today, Good Friday, my caloric intake was right on target, at around 1820 per day. 75% of my calories came from fat, 20% from protein, 5% from carbohydrates. The reduction in calories was achieved mostly by eating a lighter breakfast and dinner. The smaller dinner is probably for the best but I don’t think the light breakfast is sustainable.

One two pound difference does not mean anything, but this is the second two pound difference in a row so I think a trend is developing. Of course, the goal is not to lose weight per se, but to lose body-fat while maintaining muscle mass. The tape measure says the following:

  • Chest: 44″
  • Belly at widest point: 41″
  • Waist: 37″

Two weeks ago I was at 44″, 41.5″ and 37″. Have I lost 0.5″ off my gut? Again, it could just be water. Time will tell.

This might just be subjective confirmation bias, but I feel a little better. Before the diet I was often sluggish and tired but also could rouse myself to intense physical exertion. On the diet I am no longer tired and sluggish but I have been avoiding intense exertion. That makes sense, because this diet strips most glucose from the bloodstream. Glucose from carbs (as opposed to ketones from fat) is a fast burning fuel for the muscles, but its presence in the blood also triggers insulin which leaves you tired. If the diet brings me to my goals I’ll probably start eating oats before I hit the gym.

Also, I realized I was (rather stupidly) using my calorie counting spreadsheet for passively recording what I was eating, when I should be using it to plan my meals. Post-facto calorie counting is not calorie control. Duh


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