Friday Updates, Goofball Edition

My press is stalling out. My last “good” workout I hit 115 x 8, and since then they have been mediocre. Today it was downright depressing.

This is what defeat looks like

It has been a good run, I’ve made progress since November, but now I have to reset. The idea is to take two steps back in order to take three (or more) forward.

The reset works like this: if on an average day my estimated 1 rep max is about 133 pounds, I should set my training max at 85% of that, (about 115) which means my maximum weights for the first three weeks of May will be 100, 105, and 110, for as many reps as I can, following the 5/3/1 method. That is less weight than I am supposed to be pressing now, but hopefully this summer when I hit the 120s again I will be stronger. If I don’t reset again, by November (month 12) I just might be in striking range of my stretch goal of 150 x 5, but it is a tall task.

Obviously, the diet may be the cause of the stall, it is hard to get stronger on a caloric deficit, but I continue making progress in the bench press, so I don’t really know if that is the cause.

On the diet front:

I went over my carb limit a few times, either because of Easter or eating on the run. It knocked me out of ketosis for at least one day, maybe two. Even so, this week I dropped from 203 t0 201. My calorie average has been 1745. Two pounds a week is a good rate of loss which, if I can keep it up, will get me to my goal of about 190 in 5 or 6 more weeks. However, as we see above with the press, progress is seldom linear.

Wanna see my linear progress?

I would make a bad scientist. I was noticing some of the tape-measurements I was taking were subject to huge changes when I realized that I got different numbers depending on if I looked up or down. (Duh.) Thus, my gut at the widest point was 41″ when I am looking down at the tape, but 39″ when I am looking straight ahead. I was using 41″ as my baseline. With my waist I did the opposite, using 37″ as a baseline when sometimes I would get 38″.  While I can guess, I can’t really recall what I was doing with my head when I set my baselines, so the first few weeks worth of data is compromised (the scientific word for crap). From now on all measures will be taken with eyes looking forward.

The more I think about it, the tape measurements are less accurate than I had hoped. It is easy to just put the tape at a different angle than last time, or keep tweaking the measure until I find one that flatters my vanity. One thing I am consistent about is times of measurement: the tape-measurements are taken before breakfast, the scale before lunch on a calibrated industrial scale.


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