Friday Fitness

Weigh-in results: 199 lbs. I have lost 2 lbs a week for four weeks by eating lots of veggies and fatty meats, and avoiding starch and sugar. My original goal was 190, but I think I might be better off around 180-185. Before I was thinking, Gee, where could I possibly be hiding 20 lbs of fat? The answer of course is all over. It is hard to know what a pound of fat looks like when it is actually on you.

One of the motives for going on the diet was to avoid having to buy new pants but the zipper broke on my kahkis. So I delved deep into my closet and found an old pair that I had bought four or five years ago back in my 32/32 days that haven’t fit me in a long while. Guess what, they do fit! Not as well as they once did of course, but they will serve in a pinch.

I also look a little more ripped in the mirror, and as we all know, looks are the most important thing.

I had the week off from weightlifting so nothing to report there.


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