From time to time I fantasize about buying a rental property for a little side income, but then I talk to someone who made that mistake already and decide against it.

Kevin Williamson recounts a day in eviction court where everyone tells the sad tales of how they managed to not pay rent for months on end:

The teacher in me cannot help but notice that when it comes time to explain the facts of the case, the people in this courtroom rarely appear as the subjects in their own sentences…

The passivity and subjectlessness of these narratives is striking, and strikingly consistent. Domestic events happen. Checks come or don’t come. (Mostly they don’t.) Husbands are sent to jail, children are taken away, disease descends. The money isn’t there. And, in the end, they are evicted.

THE END being NEAR and all, it can be tempting to fall into passivity. This present age is passing away whether we like it or not. The world as we know it is ending and there is nothing we can do about it.

But we need certain character traits to survive the conflagration. The passive and aimless will not inherit whatever earth will come. They will be swept away. The impending doom is actually a call to take control of your life.


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