A stall and a plan

As of today I am still officially stalled at 199 lbs. Last weekend I spent a lot of time over friends’ houses eating their carbs and drinking their beer. I checked my weight Monday and I was back up to about 201, and have been creeping down all week. The internet informs me that carbs make you retain water, which is what that probably was. Hopefully I can get back on track and start losing again. I want to be down to around 185 by the end of June, which is probably reasonable if I am more careful on the weekends.

Also, I need to start adding alcohol to my calorie tracking: 1 oz of 80 proof liquor has about 65 calories, which can add up pretty fast, especially when you are me.

Weightlifting on a caloric deficit sucks. My squat 1RM has dropped from 305 to 260, and my press 1RM has plummeted from a February high of 142 to about 120. My bench-press has continued to make progress, but I doubt it will last. Since I now have more time for lifting I decided to add a light squat day, five sets of five with light weights in the 135 to 185 range, depending on how I feel, since the squat is an movement that needs practice and repetition. Since it is a total-body exercise it should help convince my body that it really needs to hold onto muscle and not loose it.

So here is the plan: try to keep a steady burn of fat for another eight weeks and then start creeping the caloric average back up to maintenance so I can make progress on the weights again.


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