News Boycott

Politicians and news media alike operate on creating feelings of insecurity, outrage and general hysteria. If the Obama years were bad, with the conservative alternate media ginning up outrage and the mainstream media face down in the lap of the most powerful man in the world, then the hysterics and sycophancy will likely be worse under Trump. Between Trump’s drama queen persona and the idiocy of the press the next few years of American public discourse are going to be shrill and stupid.

The funny thing is that since we are living in the End Times, none of it really matters. Trump’s election was a symptom (and example) of the loss of faith in American institutions: the parties, the press, government offices, business, churches, universities, you name it. If voters respected the office of the Presidency, they would not have voted for Trump. People who depended on those discredited institutions for some form of privilege are now fighting over an ever smaller pie of respect and trust without seeing how they are undermining that trust.

To use the media as an example, today’s talking heads think they are owed some kind of respect because the talking heads of fifty years ago had it. They are so shrill and angry because they (belatedly) sense the respect is shriveling, and their shrill anger just hastens its collapse. A wise man once said: a civilization in decline digs its own grave with relentless consistencyOf course it isn’t just the media, it is culture wide.

I am not getting sucked into other people’s outrage and dramas. I am shutting off the news.


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