Weekly Workout Post

So I am now down to 196, which is about what I weighed last year before quitting smoking and stuffing my face for nine months. (By “quitting” I mean I no longer buy whole packs of cigarettes. I still bum off of friends and coworkers on occasion.) The loss is less than average. It might be nothing, or it might mean I need to be a little more disciplined. My average rate of loss is 1.6 lbs / week. My goal was to get to about 185 by week twelve, and at the current rate I will be 188 by then.

My meals have fallen into a routine and the think my estimates are accurate: I have a morning snack (nuts or sardines) at around 9 AM, hard-boiled eggs and a meaty salad for lunch, and meat and green vegetables for dinner, coming out to about 1500 calories, 100 to 120 grams of protein, and no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates. I fill in another 200 calories or so with snacks or drinks (ok, mostly drinks). I might cheat (guilt-free) on weekends, being a realist. There is no sense in torturing myself over restaurants or beer with friends, but I should likely start limiting the snacks and drinks.

More good news: as of Monday, Spring has finally arrived in New England after about twelve weeks of March. With the warm weather I am spending more time out and about, raising the number of calories I am burning from “enough to keep my core temperature above hypothermia” to “let’s go fishing!”.

Weightlifting continues to suck. At some point I am going to have to come out of the caloric deficit and start bumping the carbs a little higher so I can get back to effectively working out. I hope that point is around 185 lbs, but I may get there and think I’d be better off at 180, or 175, or even 170. People tend to overestimate their lean body mass and underestimate how much fat they are really carrying; I doubt I am exceptional in this regard.


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