Friday Updates

I weighed in today at 195.0, down from 196.0, so the trend continues in the right direction but it has been slowing for the last few weeks. My goal of 185 by the end of June looks increasingly unlikely, at this rate I will be at about 190 by then. That is OK, the last thing I want to do is some kind of crash diet to hit an arbitrary number, but it does mean that my caloric deficit will probably last at least through July.

Weight lifting on a caloric deficit still sucks: I’ve lost at least 20lbs off the 1RM of all my lifts. I figure if I can’t increase the pounds I can always increase the repetitions, so now once I am done with my heavy sets I pick up a lighter weight and do a few more sets until I give out. It feels good. It seems to be what I need at the moment.

As much as I enjoy making progress on the weights, I think that right now it is more important for my long-term health to get lean.




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