Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

Rod Dreher recounts a story in which SJW students are threatening a biology professor because – get this – he does not agree with them that white students should be banished from campus for a day. The nerve, right? The campus administrators of course don’t dare discipline the SJWs and police are telling the professor and his supporters among the student body that they cannot guarantee their safety.

“When, O when, will this evil be stopped?” Cries Dreher. One of his readers left the following comment:

My wife is an academic in the humanities. She related to me just last night how she was at a colleague’s house with other faculty from her department and someone said to her, apropos of this person’s transgender male friend who was going to start breastfeeding his infant, “isn’t that cool?” And my wife said nothing, walked into the kitchen to put the food she had brought in the fridge. Don’t you think, she later said to me, that my silence would have given her (the colleague with the trans friend) pause? No, I said. No, you were the one being tested there, and after all it was you who were struck speechless. The only thing your colleague might have paused to wonder is how far astray you might be from the New Morality and whether she might be able eventually to leverage this against you. It was indeed a moment of confrontation, I told my wife, but it was you who were being confronted, not you who were confronting your colleague. The culture has swung round. We’re the freaks…

In other words, the wife was being tested to see if she could agree to the self-evident falsehood that men have mammary glands, thereby proving her ideological purity. She failed. The commenter concludes:

Not that I care. And you shouldn’t either…   I don’t care about “stopping the evil,” let the schools burn, let the dead bury the dead.

Yes. This man understands what it is to live in the End Times. At some point those of us who are still sane need to stop caring what the crazies do to themselves and those who are dumb enough to go near them. Like a woman getting out of a codependent relationship, or a junkie wanting to go straight and abandoning his junkie friends, let the dead bury their dead. That world has already come to an end, and now it is time to move on.



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