Steady progress.

After two Fridays at 192 today I weighed in at 189 bringing my average loss back to the mean of about 1.5lbs / week. Keeping to that rate has meant creeping my daily caloric intake down to about 1600 (from 1800), but it has been painless, just snacking a little less.

I have also been less attached to the goal of 100+ grams of protein and am coming in at around 85-90 / day. I probably don’t need as much protein as I thought I did because – get this – I might be carrying less muscle than I originally imagined.

Who would have thought, me, of all people, having an inflated self-image!

At 207 I thought I needed to get down to 190 or so before looking like a minor Greek divinity, or at least a movie star. After all, I lift weights. When I got to 195 and found that I looked pretty much the same as I did at 207, I set my goal at 185. Now that I am zeroing in on that number I can safely say that though I look different and all my pants are getting looser (major victory), I still have more fat to lose. My new goal is 175. At 1.5lbs / week  it should take me another nine weeks or until the 3rd week of August. Still time at that point to realize the goal of impressing chicks at the beach, as long as they don’t see my face everything should work out fine.

Nothing new to report on the weightlifting side, just plugging away at the program.


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