Refusal To Look At Reality

John McEnroe made the off hand remark that Serena Williams is the best female tennis player. This offended NPR: why on earth would you say “best female” player and not just the best?

Because, replied McEnroe, men are better. Serena couldn’t rank in the top 700 men.

CBS was deeply offend by McEnroe’s “controversial” statement. They asked if he wanted to apologize. He said no. He didn’t think the remark would create controversy.

Charlie Rose, black hole of vacuity that he is, cited the 1973 Riggs – King match, in which a 29 year old Bille-Jean King beat 55 year-old (and badly out of shape) Bobby Riggs. A more recent example might have come from the career of Serena Williams herself. 1998 Serena and her sister Venus challenged “any man outside of the top 200” to a match. The challenge was accepted by Karrsten Braasch, who ranked 203.

Braasch, a man whose training regime centered around a pack of cigarettes and more than a couple bottles of ice cold lager, whipped them both.

That the observation that men are better athletes than women is controversial and “offensive” is a sign we live in the End Times. That grown men and women take offence at a biological fact is a sign of mass idiocy, of growing ignorance, of self-imposed emotional and mental retardation.

We are living in the stupid years.



4 thoughts on “Refusal To Look At Reality

      1. Tell that the Charlie Rose. There have been plenty of friendly matches between highly ranked male and female tennis players. Sometimes the women win, but only when they are spotted 30 points.


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