Friday Health Updates

My new weight is 186lbs, 3lbs less than last week. The new pattern seems to be for my weight to hold steady for two weeks, then drop three pounds. This is still an average of 1.5 lbs a week, which has been my norm, but the loss is now coming every other week.

(Can I therefore realistically hope to be down to 175 in 7.3 weeks, around August 22? Maybe, but I’d rather not count my chickens yet.)

The tape measure change has been accelerating of late. I started out with a girth at the navel of about 40 inches and am now down to 36.5. My waist has gone from 37.5 to just under 36. Most of the change has been over the last month, not the first two. All my pants are getting looser except for a pair I bought back in 2011. I have heard that as one loses more fat the changes in measurements become more pronounced. That seems to be the case here.


The blue line is my waist, the red is my gut at the navel. Notice the sudden drop off these last few weeks.


I am allowed to eat quite a bit of fat and average about 100-120 grams a day, but lately I have been way over that generous limit. The humble sunflower seed has been my downfall; 2oz of shelled, roasted and salted seeds have 28 grams of fat and 11 grams of carbs. I can eat pork-chops or steak for dinner and come in well under my calorie goals, but the sunflower seeds will sneak up and put me over every time. I should just stop buying them. I think the salt is what makes them so addictive. Maybe I should be drinking mineral water instead?

On the weightlifting front: the higher rep / lower weight regime feels good and does not seem to be doing me any harm, but I am not sure if I am really benefiting. I am approaching a stall on the bench press.


I was looking through some old posts to contemplate how far I have come, and saw myself saying this on May 26:

I weighed in today at 195.0, down from 196.0, so the trend continues in the right direction but it has been slowing for the last few weeks. My goal of 185 by the end of June looks increasingly unlikely, at this rate I will be at about 190 by then.

As it turns out on June 30th I was only 1.4lb away the goal of 185 and having lost nearly 9lbs in five weeks. The nice thing about being a such a sourpuss pessimist is that sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

Here is to many more pleasant surprises.


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