Friday Health Post: Growing Optimism

New weight: 184.6lbs, down from 186.4, a difference of 1.8lbs in spite of a 4th of July celebration that included sugary mixed drinks, chips, and a slice of cake on top of a few pounds of buttered lobster and clams. My belly now has the same diameter as my waist, just under 36″.

I am surprised by how consistent the process has been. Despite “stalls” of a week or so the losses have always averaged out to about 1.6lbs / week. I am still on track for 175ish by the end of August, a weight I have not been since 2011 or so (and I had less muscle then).

My dire predictions of the losses grinding to a halt have all proven to be just my sourpuss personality. Of course sooner or later the losses will grind to a halt, at which point I will feel vindicated and start with the I-told-you-sos.

As for the most important thing – looks – I carried the 207 pretty well and never looked fat or unhealthy, but I have to admit I look better now: not different, just more myself.

As for those damn weights: on Monday I failed to complete a set of bench presses at 205. I could have knocked them out a couple of months ago. This is the downside of caloric deficit; among those lost pounds of fat was some muscle. I don’t look weaker, but I am.


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