Friday Health Update

Today after 15 weeks of dieting I weigh 183lbs, down 1.5 lbs from last week, and 8lbs from my current goal of 175. When I get to 182 (hopefully next week) I will take myself out for dinner since that will be the -25lb mark.

25lbs in 16 weeks averages out to a little more than 3oz a day. Of course I don’t see that on the scale from one day to the next; my weight is often higher on Monday than it was Friday and the drops may come 1lb at a time, but the average has been fairly consistent. I am now letting myself project losses: I should be at 175 in about 5 weeks.

I did some back-of-the-envelope math today. According to the U.S. Navy body fat calculator about 19% of my weight is fat, or 35lbs, so at 175 I would have 14% body fat. At 165 I would be at 9%, at least according to the U.S. Navy. So maybe my goal should be to get under 170, but above 165, for 10-12% body fat? Since the Navy uses very general statistics to make its calculations it is impossible to know for sure. It does not take into account that I have no way of knowing what percentage of my losses will be muscle. Fatter people also have more skin and connective tissue than thin, which exaggerates their “lean mass”.

I find it hard to believe that I should lose another 15-20lbs, but back in March I would have found it hard to believe that after losing 24lbs I’d still be planning another minimum of 5 weeks of dieting. I guess the only way for me to know my ideal weight is to get there.

For some reason I’ve been hungry this week so I’ve been snacking on a little bit of salami or liverwurst in the evenings. Those fatty snacks have protein and very few carbs.

That’s right, salami and liverwurst are my diet foods so I am OK with keeping it up a few more weeks.

As I have done every summer, I’m taking a break from the weights: it has been too hot and humid and I prefer to spend my summer afternoons outdoors and away from my apartment. I always plan for these breaks to take about a month but they end up taking anywhere from 6 weeks to a year. In the meantime I will keep hiking and try to at least do some bodyweight exercises so I don’t fall apart.


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