Friday Update

I am down from 183 to 181.2, a little better than the 181.5 for which I’d hoped. It also marks 26lbs lost since March.

One habit I have been learning is to only eat when hungry and – get this – stop eating when full. Radical concept. Maybe next Friday I’ll have a whole post on the subject.

Too damn hot to lift weights, for exercise I go for nature walks. Also too damn hot for cooking. For dinner I have been eating out (Worcester actually has some good Asian places: Vietnamese, Thai, Hot Pot and sushi/sashimi, I just skip the rice) or just sitting around the sweltering apartment chewing on salami. To help beat the heat I’m sipping cold gin-and-diet-tonics. Gin has 65 empty calories per ounce, my gin-and-tonic has 1.5 ounces, and I drink… a lot of calories. This week it did not seem to matter.


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