Friday Updates (Late)

On Friday I weighed 180.6lbs, a mere 0.6lbs down from last week not the 1.5lbs for which I had been hoping. It isn’t worrisome, I’ve had worse weeks and the rate of loss always seems to balance out in the end, but it would be nice to get to 175 sooner rather than later.

Last week I said I would expound upon the tactic of only eating when hungry.

One of the benefits of a ketogenic diet is that you don’t get “hangry”, where you are simultaneously drained, light-headed, irritable, and perfectly prepared to murder anyone who stands between you and food. On keto you are no longer using carbs to manipulate your blood sugar levels throughout the day but instead always burning fat for energy, so while you might feel hungry you don’t feel drained or irritable. Sure, your stomach is growling a little, but dinner isn’t for a few more hours and you wanted to take a little hike around the lake before the sun goes down, so you go do that first and leave dinner for later.

From the experience of being hungry but not needing to eat right away comes the realization that when you are eating there is no need to stuff yourself. It is perfectly possible to – get this – stop eating when you are no longer hungry. Amazing!

It works like this: you are munching away and then look at the next olive or slice of salami and first you think “Well, I can certainly fit it in my stomach, but I don’t need it, so why not save it for tomorrow’s lunch…” and second you think “OH MY GOD WHO IS THIS PERSON I HAVE BECOME!!!”

So I usually stop eating by 7PM and don’t eat again until about 9:30 AM. My mid-morning snack is usually either a tin of sardines or a handful of almonds. It isn’t that I am not hungry until then, mild hunger comes and goes all morning, but I don’t need food until then.

On another note, this blog, Apocalypse Wow!, has devolved into a weekly dieting journal. I guess that is because I did not have much of a plan when I started it. The idea was to blog about ways one can maintain his sanity as the world ends, but outside factors (namely work… ugh!) have been getting in the way of that. I may end up nuking the blog, or trying to revamp it. Time will tell.




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