Friday Health Updates

Today I weigh 179.2lbs, down 1.4 from last week, which is about average. I am just barely on track for my goal of 175 by the end of August. Wait and see.


Even though it is hot and humid I have gotten sick of so little exercise. So I decided to get a 16kg kettlebell and start doing some swings every day, which only takes 15 minutes. I can put up with 15 minutes of kettlebells in hot weather.

After three days I can do about 5 sets of 10 swings before my form starts to fall apart. Hopefully I can build up to 10×10 in a couple of weeks. Once I am good at doing it two handed I can switch to one handed sets. If I get really good at it I will buy a 24kg kettlebell. According to The Internet the swing is a great total body exercise with miraculous effects on one’s strength and physique, but I suspect that individual result may vary. I hope to be good at it by month’s end, and then I can go back to my old program.


4 thoughts on “Friday Health Updates

      1. Any more enlargement and I would have to register it as a deadly weapon.
        But good for you. A lot better off losing the weight now of our own free will and volition than having a doctor guilt us into it in a few years.

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