Fitness Friday: Milestone

My goal was 175 by the end of August and I blew that way by a pound and two weeks. As of Wednesday I weighed 174, a 3.5lb loss, the biggest 1 week loss yet. Not sure what caused it, though I was more disciplined than usual over the weekend. I could use a couple […]

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Friday Health Updates

Today I weigh 179.2lbs, down 1.4 from last week, which is about average. I am just barely on track for my goal of 175 by the end of August. Wait and see.   Even though it is hot and humid I have gotten sick of so little exercise. So I decided to get a 16kg […]

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Friday Updates (Late)

On Friday I weighed 180.6lbs, a mere 0.6lbs down from last week not the 1.5lbs for which I had been hoping. It isn’t worrisome, I’ve had worse weeks and the rate of loss always seems to balance out in the end, but it would be nice to get to 175 sooner rather than later. Last […]

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Friday Update

I am down from 183 to 181.2, a little better than the 181.5 for which I’d hoped. It also marks 26lbs lost since March. One habit I have been learning is to only eat when hungry and – get this –┬ástop eating when full.┬áRadical concept. Maybe next Friday I’ll have a whole post on the […]

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Friday Health Update

Today after 15 weeks of dieting I weigh 183lbs, down 1.5 lbs from last week, and 8lbs from my current goal of 175. When I get to 182 (hopefully next week) I will take myself out for dinner since that will be the -25lb mark. 25lbs in 16 weeks averages out to a little more […]

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