Weekly Workout Post

So I am now down to 196, which is about what I weighed last year before quitting smoking and stuffing my face for nine months. (By “quitting” I mean I no longer buy whole packs of cigarettes. I still bum off of friends and coworkers on occasion.) The loss is less than average. It might be nothing, or […]

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News Boycott

Politicians and news media alike operate on creating feelings of insecurity, outrage and general hysteria. If the Obama years were bad, with the conservative alternate media ginning up outrage and the mainstream media face down in the lap of the most powerful man in the world, then the hysterics and sycophancy will likely be worse under […]

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When your data is crap

One of the drawbacks of any diet is that it is prone to measurement errors. I have already mentioned this problem with the tape measure, and now I shall describe errors with food. For example, I was estimating my intake of nuts as 1/4 cup per serving, since this is the standard serving size on the packaging. […]

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A stall and a plan

As of today I am still officially stalled at 199 lbs. Last weekend I spent a lot of time over friends’ houses eating their carbs and drinking their beer. I checked my weight Monday and I was back up to about 201, and have been creeping down all week. The internet informs me that carbs […]

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From time to time I fantasize about buying a rental property for a little side income, but then I talk to someone who made that mistake already and decide against it. Kevin Williamson recounts a day in eviction court where everyone tells the sad tales of how they managed to not pay rent for months on […]

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Low Carb Cocktails

My low carb diet ran into a problem when hanging out over friends’ houses this weeekend: beer. A beer has about 14 grams of carbohydrates, damn near my daily limit. The solution: BYOBooze. Booze-and-soda is the safe rout. There is always vodka and seltzer, both of which are cheap and come in a wide array […]

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Friday Fitness

Weigh-in results: 199 lbs. I have lost 2 lbs a week for four weeks by eating lots of veggies and fatty meats, and avoiding starch and sugar. My original goal was 190, but I think I might be better off around 180-185. Before I was thinking, Gee, where could I possibly be hiding 20 lbs of fat? […]

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